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Recorded by Hugo Laillet at Fairwave Studio, Le Mans, June 2013.
Mastered by Chris Hanzsek in his house, Seattle, September 2013.
Artwork by Maciej Misiewicz, Warszawa, October 2013.

Autoprod released on tape and CD-R disk.




25.11.2014 : Strasbourg, FR (Socopof)
24.11.2014 : Wroclaw, PL (Cztery Litery)
23.11.2014 : Krakow, PL (Kawiarnia Naukowa)
22.11.2014 : Leipzig, D (Uschi's Exil)
21.11.2014 : Kassel, D (Jamspace)
20.11.2014 : Göttingen, D (T-Keller)
19.11.2014 : Nancy, FR (113)
19.10.2014 : Nantes, FR (La Rumeur)
18.10.2014 : Gurunhuel, FR @ (Pen Kalet)
17.10.2014 : Caen, FR (Le Bocal)
16.10.2014 : Paris Bagnolet, FR (Parvis de Bagnolet)
11.10.2014 : Le Mans, FR (La Source)
23.06.2014 : Tours, FR (Canadian Café)
22.06.2014 : Toulouse, FR (Les Pavillons Sauvages)
21.06.2014 : Barcelona, ES (CSO Pula Vida)
20.06.2014 : Benissa, ES (Casal Associacions)
19.06.2014 : Murcia, ES (CSOA El Retal)
18.06.2014 : Lisboa, P (Fantasma)
17.06.2014 : Pombal, P (ADAC)
16.06.2014 : Porto, P (Almaemformol)
15.06.2014 : Coruña, ES (Cafe bohemio)
14.06.2014 : Logroño, ES (Vilatruño Squat)
13.06.2014 : Lasarte-Oria, ES (Sala Zulo)
12.06.2014 : Bordeaux, FR (L'Heretic)
08.12.2013 : Nantes, FR (Café Death Porc)
07.12.2013 : Lorient, FR (Le Galion)
06.12.2013 : Angers, FR (L'Étincelle)
10.11.2013 : Tours, FR (Canadian Café)
09.11.2013 : Nantes, FR (Les Ateliers De Bitche)
08.11.2013 : Le Mans, FR (L'Inventaire)
02.05.2013 : Le Mans, FR (Le Lezard)


released November 8, 2013


tags: punk Le Mans


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Ame Agari Le Mans, France

We are just looking for places to play, people to meet, a drink to share, a floor to rest and punk-rock vibes! Feel free to drop us a line on :

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Track Name: La Música Se Ha Parado, Sólo Escucha El Silencio
The life stopped
A time to contemplate simply and serenely one's death
As a victory on the fear of the darkness
The fear of the forgotten
Set one time to estimate the losses and the profits
Evolve in the abstract, in the absence of reality
Gauge the potentiality of one's death and one's life
The potentiality of one's happiness and one's sorrow

Stick on the walls pictures of children with too old smiles
Of women with too-blue eyes
Of men of unsaid silent words/ to get an existence
For our too distant dreams on short-lived walls

Find the necessary comfort in passing arms
In the end we only need to get tired of living to finally manage to rest in peace
Tire our eyes on testament bedside books
Our ears on the bullshit spilled on the metronome

On the front page this word
Do not forget this word, this word written by a hesitating hand,
Who dont understand yet his own death
This post-mortem will filled with faults
And this legacy you bequeath to my dead body.
Track Name: Moron
Please allow me this question
Is there any dysfunction
To see these words as a distinction?
As palliative care for our broken blow?

Shining, shining, shining, crow
Come on, come on let's go
Mark with your claw
Each syllabe you saw

Tribes of diatribes
Talk endlessly but with their bare hands
They caress, they caress

I sewed my hands on me so I can't feel my body
Shaking awkwardly
I dance and trip over my ego
To your smile I laugh
Then stitches are bursting so I can fly up high
I can see your house in the night, our house in the night

This city is burning of boredom
Lying fallow
Come on, come on, follow me
Come on just fly and see
Justify and plea

All those houses are graves
But tonight our thin skeletons will dance
Let's shake these bag of bones
I love these tones
And their permanent smiles even if they only lie
Just watch them fall into pieces at the dawn
Fall into pieces at the dawn
Fall into pieces at the dawn

Then if you're not too tired
Let's go haunt someone else's mansion
We will laugh of this joke until the sea.
Track Name: Poor Legacy
There was the perpetuation of names, tears and diseases
The drought of bitter feelings
Then the sweet morning slowly fades out to a soothing mourning
When the pain lost its meaning
Through years nothing has remained of my dear hatred
My soft sad cheap poetry fades itself

All the stories
Melancholic stories written on dog-eared pages will be torn
I am whistling and shivering,
It is a little bit scarring to feel the light

To feel light in the light after years
The light in the light after years
To feel light in the light after years
To carry a heavy burden six feet under
How can I carry this weight ?

I've gradually emptied what blocked,
What's kept me far from the exit way
What's kept me far from you

There was the perpetuation of names, tears and diseases
The drought of bitter feelings
Then the sweet morning slowly fades out to a soothing mourning
Through years nothing is remain of my dear hatred
My soft sad cheap poetry fades itself

In the light of a new day brings a comforting heat
I gradually emptied what blocked, what's kept me far from the exit way
What's kept me far from you.
Track Name: Give Up The Ghost
Twisted tongues in solitude
How you think we, we could move
From misconception of the flesh on the flesh
We walk on this twisted path
We hit the haze and lick the remains
Of our bones in the gutter

We're only able to hurt ourselves
And give this present of decay to our bodies
In a moment of eternity
On our skin there is still this wound
That looks like an arrogant smile
We both know that we have
Some tears of the past not dried up yet
And all these rusty blades we slowly sharpen
Wait for our backs

The pattern drawn on the sand by erratic children
Could be cleared by the rising tide
So i stood, i held the tide
I cherished this suffering to keep you alive
I gave everything
Then i was held back
I gave up everything
But what's the prize

The pressure grows
I'm moving back
And now i talk in ugly measures
I try to break my fingers on a typewriter
To be unable to pull the trigger

I close my eyes in solitude
How can you think that
That i could see the sea retreat
And take away all the good and the bad
Persistence of vision makes me live like a dreamer
In the kingdom of the dead
Searching for your presence
But you're not here anymore

I'm only able to fall on the ground
Rolling myself in the dirt
Yeah in this mess i'm only able to hurt myself
And now in our ghostly world I'm alone left to wander.